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Artificial Intelligence – Collaboration with the Radiology Department of the AP-HP Sorbonne University Hospital -Tenon Paris

A study conducted in early 2019 by Professor Isabelle Thomassin-Naggara and her colleagues, using DenSeeMammo…

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Predilife announces its collaboration with LILT – Italian League for the Fight against Breast Cancer Milano Monza e Brianza –

Predilife is pleased to announce the collaboration between Predilife and LILT - Italian League for…

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“Breast cancer risk assessment combined with a PRS”

Access the results presented in San Antonio.

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Discover the first issue of the Predilife newsletter

Find here the first issue of the Predilife newsletter "Predict to prevent".

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MammoRisk® is a Class I medical device manufactured by Predilife. It is a regulated health product which carries the CE mark under these regulations. 
Read the user manual carefully before use. MammoRisk® is not a diagnostic test. MammoRisk® is a breast cancer risk assessment test. 
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